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Summit Lodging

The University of Limerick serves as the venue for the inaugural Lilly Summit. Meeting rooms and lodging will be housed in the Cappavilla Village. Built on the highest point of the campus, the views of the surrounding counties and river Shannon are superb. Cappavilla Village is within 10 minutes' walking distance of the main university campus and if you prefer the scenic route you can access the main campus via ‘The Living Bridge’, Ireland’s longest pedestrian bridge.
Lodging Provided

Up to 5 nights of private room lodging will be provided for each delegate in the Cappavilla Conference Housing at the University of Limerick. Only lodging at the University location as arranged through this event will be provided. All charges will be paid directly by the summit organizers. NO reimbursements will be made for housing.

During the registration process, you will be asked to indicate your preference to stay in campus housing at Cappavilla Village, free of charge to you, or if you will be securing and paying out of pocket for lodging accommodations elsewhere.  No reimbursement for hotel lodging will be approved.

Click here to view more details about Cappavilla Village.

For a campus map, click here.


Local Transportation


For those of you who use mobile apps for transportation, please note that Ireland is not served by Uber or Lyft; however, you may secure a taxi ride using the mobile app Mytaxi. You may download the app and find local information about travel by taxi at:

A number of local and regional buses serve the University of Limerick.
Dublin Coach, or locally known as the green bus, operates an hourly service from Cappavilla to the city centre (William Street). This is route 307. It take approximately 20 minutes. Click here for the timetable.
Also, there is a more regular public bus service from the south campus to the city. You would have to cross the bridge to the main south campus to catch this service.

The campus offers green spaces and walking/fitness trails. If you would enjoy a walk along the River Shannon, there is a 3km walkway. For details and photos, click here.


University of Limerick Housing

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