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Lilly Institutes are hosted by the ITLC | International Teaching Learning Cooperative. The ITLC was created to bring faculty members together to advance student learning. At present, this is primarily accomplished by facilitating and presenting customized workshops, the dissemination of information from contributing authors through The Scholarly Teacher Blog, the creation of educational tools, and directing and coordinating Lilly Conferences and Institutes.

ITLC Lilly Institutes are committed to creating events that build community among its participants. Scholarly activity in the absence of a shared vision and community support cannot be successful in building the highest level of effective learning for our students. Effective faculty development does not occur in a vacuum. It requires a community of scholars sharing, discussing, critiquing and reflecting upon what constitutes good teaching and learning and identifying how each of us can improve our craft. At ITLC, every individual is valued for her or his perspective with the belief that all faculty members are life-long learners who benefit from interacting with one another, our students, and our mentors. The designed purpose of each event is to create a community where we share scholarly work, network, and promote collaborations that extends the professional interactions forged at conferences into lifelong collegial friendships.

Privacy Policy

We value our customer's privacy and do not sell or trade contact information with other businesses/entities, nor do we print contact information on any event related materials. We do purposefully send emails to our subscribers around oncea month (more frequently as an event approaches). We do offer the opportunity to unsubscribe within the monthly notifications.

About Us

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